fsbat 9zs7e rsy2d snyt2 e59n9 zh6t3 e3fh4 3fnfb tzydi 3y2id ir7i6 78b3r 57e9d 83ki7 r5s97 52ss8 z5ktb en9hb na8ta br3n3 y5tb4 ⚽MetaSoccer - $MSU Token | $2.3M Private funding | Big Investors and Partnerships | Low MC of only 4M | Betting feature | Audit by Hacken | Earn cryptocurrency by playing as an owner or a manager | 🏆 $MSU Snapshot Airdrop 🏆 | |

⚽MetaSoccer - $MSU Token | $2.3M Private funding | Big Investors and Partnerships | Low MC of only 4M | Betting feature | Audit by Hacken | Earn cryptocurrency by playing as an owner or a manager | 🏆 $MSU Snapshot Airdrop 🏆 |

2022.01.27 12:37 Longjumping-Reveal12 ⚽MetaSoccer - $MSU Token | $2.3M Private funding | Big Investors and Partnerships | Low MC of only 4M | Betting feature | Audit by Hacken | Earn cryptocurrency by playing as an owner or a manager | 🏆 $MSU Snapshot Airdrop 🏆 |

Find | Train | Play | Earn

MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where you can manage your own club, find and train new players, play matches in your own NFT stadium and generate income.

Earn $MSU Tokens by:
Winning matches
Finishing the season in the top positions
Selling players/staff
Renting the stadium
Selling the tickets

How to buy $MSU?
metasoccer dot com - From main web page
gate dot io /es / trade / MSU_USDT - From Gate
app dot sushi dot com / swap?inputCurrency=0xc2132d05d31c914a87c6611c10748aeb04b58e8f&outputCurrency=0xe8377a076adabb3f9838afb77bee96eac101ffb1 - SushiSwap

You can play as owner or manager:
As an Owner, players will be able to establish their own Club and handle the hiring/management of personnel, discovery of new players, player signings/sales, and finance management.
As a Manager, players will be in charge of managing the sports area. Players will be responsible for all Club's sporting achievements.

The MetaSoccer project has a full doxxed public team with a lot of experience in blockchain development. Smart Contract of $MSU Token has been successfully audited by Hacken Team. The project has already attracted $2.5M Private funding.

📣📣📣Check this out right now!📣📣📣

metasoccer dot com - Website
MetaSoccer_EN - Twitter
MetaSoccerOfficial - Telegram
0xe8377a076adabb3f9838afb77bee96eac101ffb1 - MSU Token Contract
coinmarketcap dot com / en / currencies / metasoccer / - CoinMarketCap
coingecko dot com /es / monedas / metasoccer - CoinGecko
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2022.01.27 12:37 rp4ut $20 code YCM185

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2022.01.27 12:37 IsaiahNelson0401 Gingerbrave Dante Devil May Cry

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2022.01.27 12:37 Lisaa7385 i’m kinda getting frustrated…..

i’ve wrote about this before but i just don’t get why he doesn’t look or stare at me in class but in the halls and around school he stares at me a lot. i just don’t get why he does that is he okay or…..
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2022.01.27 12:37 Jasmin_Black Ημερήσια έκθεση COVID-19 με διαγράμματα (27/01/2022)

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2022.01.27 12:37 Thatgirlisamystery Is this a glitch??

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2022.01.27 12:37 pthefeeder Sean Scully: Why this, not that?

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2022.01.27 12:37 CarbonClutch Join HerdogzNFT today! Join discord to win prizes worth up to $100👀🦾 just verify as a member ⚔️🚀Link in comments🔗 WL SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE

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2022.01.27 12:37 InTheMiddleOfDespair Sexy Kelly

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2022.01.27 12:37 pbreig Need help dealing with PI

I'm a graduate student and the only woman of color under my PI. Even of I say so myself, I do work the hardest amongst all students/postdocs under her. Now my race and color and appearance may not have anything to do with this, I definitely did not grow up in the same way at all, or ever had enough money to have all the common experiences they've had. And perhaps I have my own insecurities about that.
Something that my PI does a lot now, specifically in front of other lab members in lab meetings, is that she tells me I'm wrong A LOT. It feels like she's waiting to dismiss me or tell me I am wrong. And she does. All the time. Multiple times in the same meeting. In front of everyone else.
The issue is, I'm right a lot of times! Its just that she forgets things a lot, and atleast for my project, I read a lot, so I remember.
Most times I just mention/send her emails saying politely what I was talking about, with proper citations.
Another thing is, she relies on me way too heavily in terms of work. I have to do way more extra stuff than a grad student should be doing. Stuff that has no relation to what my thesis project is about. A lot of admin work too. When I started, she was a bit short staffed, so I didn't mind doing some extra work. I was trying very hard to impress and prove myself. But over 2 years, I've realized that she is short staffed because she hasn't bothered to hire senior members or lab managers and keeps adding on trainees.
And she is never around! She lives in a totally different state.
And I'm still expected to do extra work. I've been slowly setting boundaries, but perhaps due to my insecurities (or just me trying to replace the love I didn't get from my parent with her.. who knows.. i have many faults too) I still end up doing extra work. Plus my project keeps changing because she wants me to do all the things and then abandons projects when results are not what she wants or is taking too long. I know its my fault too for letting this happen,
but I'm from a culture that believes anything your teacher or boss says goes.
Anyway, back to her treatment of me. She doesn't do this to anyone else though.
For example, one time the postdoc in my lab went on vacation and handed me some sequencing libraries she'd made to submit along with mine, which were all terrible. I just happened to see the QC she ran to compare mine to hers (to see if mine looked similar as hers since she claims she can make 100s of libraries at once). Not wanting to rat someone out, I didn't say much to my PI, just let her know that those weren't great and perhaps had degraded, so it needed to be repeated. My PI herself checked them and said to me that they were awful and I should just go ahead and make make those in addition to my 70+ samples. But when the postdoc came back, she didn't say anything about it to her. Or ask her about it. Nothing! They just happily chatted about life and Europe, fancy restaurants, etc.
If I'd done that, it wouldn't be the same. As has been the case a couple of times.
This behavior or her contradicting me or behaving as my ideas and thoughts don't make any sense seems to be increasing with more people she adds on. Most lab meetings, I feel like an idiot. And want to cry at the end of every meeting. It makes me feel like all my effort is for nothing. It just undermines everything and I feel very isolated and unworthy. I can't really change labs over this, but I have atleast 2.5 years to go. I don't know if I take this every day for the rest of that 2.5 years.
Yesterday's lab meeting it got to too much. I looked up the stuff I'd said and she, with a very insulting tone, dismissed. I was right. Every damn thing I said was right.
I kind of lost it and sent an email to her with the heading as 'X, Y and z are definitely abc'. Obv she didn't reply.
My question is, am I playing victim here? Is this all in my head? I know I'm at fault here too but I'm trying to change little by little.
This public display of my 'ignorance ' has definitely affected our lab dynamics. We used to be on good terms, but slowly I feel more and more isolated and left our of plans and conversations, even though I'm one of the older trainees.
I just don't know if it's me or its really happening!
Worst thing is, as soon as she puts me down, she turns around and gives me a lot more responsibility!!
Constructive feedback would be appreciated. And perhaps some advice on dealing with this…
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2022.01.27 12:37 reayen The perfect phone background (Nissan S30 vs Ferrari Testarossa vs Porsche 911 964 turbo) Source—Wangan Midnight VOL.3 Chap.24 Farewell ① (Page No.4)

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2022.01.27 12:37 ButtigiegMineralMap What are work conditions in China like?

I hear a lot of people talk about the suicide nets in the factories and I would like to learn more about how China’s work conditions are and how the ACFTU helps workers. Also why is the unionization rate lower than anticipated? Thanks in advance I’d like to understand more about China
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2022.01.27 12:37 911ddog Special skin

Who got it and where can i look at it
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2022.01.27 12:37 roastpotatoislife [thanks] the best exchange from the US! u/badwhiskey63 was amazing, we experienced a bit of delay with the packages but everything went great and I couldn’t be happier

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2022.01.27 12:37 tominator_44 Star Wars: Dark Forces Review from 1995

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2022.01.27 12:37 ThePickledPickle Snuggles, a master of many worlds and a slayer of many beasts

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2022.01.27 12:37 SethRavenheart FEEL GOOD | To keep a 10-year promise, Joburg woman plans to run 295km to fund Nellie's matric

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2022.01.27 12:37 yongyong1 Join FaceBox before the LAUNCH!

Fair Launch w/ Stealth Mode is coming soon🔥
World First NFT Social GameFi 2022🚀
#P2E #S2E Social-To-Earn philosophy building on top of #BSC Inspired by #Mobox
#Facebox #NFTgame #Metaverse #FAFA #FAFAverse
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2022.01.27 12:37 CosmosMagazine Mysterious lightning phenomenon recorded in ancient medieval text

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2022.01.27 12:37 Fellwarre I have ADHD and need help understanding my (ex?) wife's emotional responses.

I'm going to try to organize this as best I can. I'm on my "pay attention pill" so hopefully it won't be too scattered. TL:DR at the top.
TL:DR - my wife told me that our marriage isn't working, told me that she doesn't see it ever working again, but is sad/mad/upset that I'm trying to move on.
We've been "effectively" separated for 8 months now, but we only talked it about 3 months ago. I say effectively separated because I moved out of our bedroom and into the guest 8 months ago due to catching a cold and not wanting to disturb her with my coughing fits. After that, we also stopped being intimate. I need physical intimacy, it's one of the only ways I get my endorphins, and since I've never cheated on her, I've pretty much been suffering and depressed for the past 8 months.
So about 3 months ago, she initiated "the discussion," wherein she told me that she didn't think we were working together as a couple anymore. It wasn't an angry, blaming each other talk, we're amicably separated. During the discussion, we both recognized that we've lost our connections to each other, in that the things that I enjoy doing, she hates, and the things that she enjoys doing, I hate. As such, we really didn't feel "connected" with each other anymore. I asked her if she thought we'd ever make it work again and she told me she thought we wouldn't. We agreed that a lot of the issues that caused us to grow apart are related to my ADHD and it's taken her 20 years to realize it's not going to change.
Because we process emotions the way we do, I was devastated for about a week. Then my "logic brain" told me this was over and I needed to go on with my life. We've had several discussions since then, mostly about how the finances are going to work (home ownership in the age of Covid is rediculous.) We had the discussion that our lives aren't over and that while we could certainly live together as "room mates" it was going to get awkward if either of us started dating.
A couple of times since then, we've had the discussion about how hard this all is for her. We've been married for 20 years and she keeps saying that it's hard for her because she feels like she's hurting me, but I keep assuring her that I already did my grieving for the relationship, and she needs to focus on making herself happy. Almost every one of these discussions ends with me asking if she's still in love with me, and her either saying she doesn't know what "being in love" is, or that she doesn't think she is. With that being said, I keep telling her that, to me, that means the relationship is untenable.
About a month ago, we made the decision that I would look into financial options for either buying her out of the house or for us to sell and move apart (she made several statements that she felt it would be easier for her if she didn't have to see me every day, and when I was away for a week, she told me she enjoyed that week because the house was "quiet.") We talked again about how awkward it would be to be living together if we started dating, and she said, "It's not like I'm putting myself out there on dating apps or anything." I told her that I was, because I believe in being honest with her (I'd only been on the apps for about a week at that point.)
Last night, we had another discussion that I can't wrap my head around. I told her that yesterday I'd gotten some answers about the finances for the house, and that I have a date with someone I met on the app today. She started crying. She told me she'd talked to a therapist that day and asked about couples counseling (which even she says she doesn't think would work?) She told me that she's not ready to not be in the house anymore. We spent the whole not confirming that she feels no connection with me anymore, and that the last connection that she felt with me died when I moved out (a physical connection, which again, she confirmed she no longer feels with me.)
I still love her (as a person) and I kills me to hurt her, but since I have the emotional intelligence of a banana slug, I can't for the life of me understand why she's hurt that I'm doing exactly the things I told her that I was going to do and that she agreed that I should do (okay, she didn't agree that I should start dating, but she was aware that I was looking into it.) I told her I'd cancel the date, but she went on to say that wasn't fair either to me or to the person I was going out with. (I'm still thinking of cancelling the date, even though I'm really, really excited to meet this person.)
What makes this all worse is that we haven't told our friends yet. She's told her co-workers, whom she gets along with, and she's told her sister who she talks to almost every day. I don't have family that I can talk to and I don't get along with my co-workers, so since we're keeping it a secret from our mutual friends, I have nobody to get advice or support from.
Any help or insights would be appreciated.
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2022.01.27 12:37 javaxcore 🤮😞

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2022.01.27 12:37 Feeling-Normal8576 Heavyweight low arch. Any shoe suggestion

so I am a beginner and was looking to get new pair of running shoes. I am more into long-distance running. It's actually getting really confusing and overwhelming to choose shoes. Any suggestions?
Thanks. Wishing wellbeing
Happy running
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2022.01.27 12:37 That_Leading_1703 Should I cut ties with this friend?

I have a friend who I’ve known for a few years, we only hung out a few times but text message and FaceTime everyday (we met at a yoga studio).
She seemed like a good friend who understood my problems but there are so many times she would say passive aggressive things. I don’t consider her to be a close friend since we barely hung out, but the jokes she says can be offensive. She calls me the C word for fun, and always criticizes me for eating fruits once a day (she thinks they’re too sugary), she’s overweight and admitted to eating fast food many times but she makes fun of my eating habits (fruits), and she tries to argue with me about small opinions.
She also gets mad when her other friend hangs out with his guy friends, she obviously has insecurity issues. But it’s a bit concerning that she talks behind her friend’s back for hanging with others.
Another example, I told her that I like a certain brand of lipstick, she complained and kept questioning why people love it so much. I calmly explained why i like it; she blew up at me and told me she doesn’t care when she’s the one who asked why I like it so much.
There are so many examples like this, I don’t know if I’m being dramatic but I stopped texting her for several days because I get anxious texting her now. None of my other friends are like this, I don’t know if this is normal behavior. She also gaslights and says Im being dramatic about her passive aggressive texts.
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2022.01.27 12:37 amala83 Three years ago on this day, in 2019, RM introduced ARMY to the Rkive

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2022.01.27 12:37 nicbentulan So what's this like in chessdotcom?

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