Why Chelsea should let César Azpilicueta join Barcelona| | Azpilicueta to Barcelona | Chelsea News

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after I've finished washing myself I sit in the tub for a minute or two (don't ask)
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In Need of scholar must be good at games join to my discord channel at chat your resume on scholarship application you will recieve a dm if you are qualified. 1.Join Discord 2.Verify your account

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2022.01.27 11:44 mikeadamsofficial Does Sex Sell Cannabis?

Throughout history, sex has been used to peddle countless products to the American people. Advertisers, presumably when nobody in the marketing department has any better ideas, have leaned on seductive images to sling everything from cheeseburgers to beer. However, considering the sensitivity of the times, some companies are starting to move away from this practice. No one wants to risk being called misogynistic. Interestingly, though, a relatively recent study from the University of Georgia finds that sex still sells — it remains an effective method to grab people’s attention. But does it sell cannabis? Do half-naked bodies drive people to spend money at the dispensary on specific products?
In your opinion, how influential are scantily dressed bodies posing with cannabis products?
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2022.01.27 11:44 Dr_Broseph Respect the Kennet Trio (Pale)

The Kennet Trio
(From left to right Avery Kelly, Lucy Ellingson, Verona Hayward)

Avery is thirteen, with blue-green eyes, some freckles on her face and arms, a slightly upturned nose and red-blonde hair that she keeps pulled back into a short sporty ponytail early in the story and wears it down and a bit longer toward arc 4. She's athletic but this doesn't impact build much at her age. She's considered fairly pretty by classmates.
Her clothing style tends toward sporty clothes (raglan, jersey, shorts), brighter colors, a little busier (maybe a pattern on a shirt or jacket). There is an Extra Materials that suggests her clothing style.
She’s most likely of the group to be smiling/happy. At a resting default, she'd be smiling while the other two wouldn't. In terms of art direction for pose, she'd be moving, she's moving more/at a higher difficulty, or she's already moved. Examples include V&L walking while Avery is ahead of them, walking backwards so she can face them while moving, V&L standing while Avery sits on a wall or branch just above, or V&L standing while Avery stands on one foot, the other off the ground, like she's ready to get moving.
Her Sight turns her eyes cloudy, like fogged up green marbles (think of planet earth seen from space, with clouds moving over it, but entirely green), but the blacks of her irises and pupils stand out more in the fog, vs. being covered up. Her mask is a deer mask with short antlers and the antlers can be slid into slots/holes in her hat, which has a slightly more triangular or leaf-shaped brim. Her cape rests atop her shoulders as a loose wreath, then falls over one arm like a musketeer's cape. She wears a charm bracelet and has her dog tags at her cape as a decoration, instead of around her neck. Cape and hat are navy blue.
Lucy is thirteen, with brown eyes, brown skin, and what is sometimes described as a ballerina's frame; she's a bit taller than Avery (only a bit), with a long neck, slender shoulders, and a fairly straight body line. Part of this idea is accentuated by her hairstyle, by how she holds herself a bit rigidly, and her clothes. Will get to each of those below. Hairwise, I would note that while Nocturne did a very good job with the banners, my art direction that I gave her and what's in the story differ from what ended up in the banner; Lucy keeps her hair pulled close to her scalp, where possible, and gathers it up into a ponytail that she keeps in a fair-sized afro puff. There are reddish-brown highlights and locks and it may have a hickory color when catching the light. If you're putting them in a practice-active situation where the Sight is active, the highlights may be pink instead, and post-arc 3, may be bigger in size, with more free strands along the sides of her hair or the puffball, all in tight curls.
Her clothing style is covered in an Extra Materials, and tends to be wrinkle-free material, or tight enough it doesn't rumple. Baggy clothes annoy her. This plays into the straight/rigid impression of earlier. Many clothes are branded, carefully matched, and she likes to wear her sneakers.
Lucy's face and expression includes full lips and eyebrows that are perpetually drawn together like she's frowning at whoever or whatever she's looking at. Posturewise, if Avery's default is movement, Lucy's is 'ready', or defensive. Standing straight, or arms folded, or holding something, even if it's a backpack strap. She wears the dog tags at her neck with house keys and sometimes the weapon ring strung on it, sitting at her collarbone, usually hidden by her shirt collar.
Her Sight turns the whites of her eyes blood red or bubblegum pink, depending on the mood (angry vs. whimsical). The irises and pupils remain the same, but may be darker, in contrast. Her hat is fairly straightforward as witches hats go, black, and her mask is an orange-red fox's mask with hints of white here and there, to outline the eyes and mask's edges. In battle mode, her fox's mask has eyes that smoke and glow red and she may be smoking due to the backpack rune. Her cape is a mantle, charcoal black like the hat, and doesn't extend much further down than the elbow or small of the back. If it's not at her neck (usually when she's ready for a fight), she has the weapon ring on, a ring with an inch-long sword that extends so it either extends over the base knuckle and onto the back of the hand, or forward, along the finger.
Verona is thirteen, with grey eyes, a paler complexion, and a somewhat unruly/scruffy (stray hairs/strands or such) French bob with black hair. She has large eyes that may have eyeliner on them. She's petite, a bit shorter than Avery.
Her clothes are on the packing up extra materials, like the others. Stripes, whites and blacks, lavender and black, and a lot of clothes that most girls might buy because they think it's neat or unique and then never bring themselves to wear (incidentally, she remarks that she collects a lot of accessories, but doesn't end up using them - maybe a choker or bracelet, but that's about it). Shoeswise she might haves slip-ons. She doesn't care about shoes because her inclination is to dwell more on things that appear in the mirror, and shoes don't do that - she dresses for herself, not others (in stark contrast to Lucy).
Verona's mood ranges from the neutral to mercurial, depending. Serious, scared, stressed, focused? Her mouth is in a firm line, her already large eyes open wide. Happy with friends or into the practice? Laughing, talking, whatever. She may be sitting, leaning, fidgeting, or distracted at a given point in time, if she's not engaged by her friends.
Her Sight turns her eyes purple, with the irises becoming like reflective circles, catching the light in gloom like a Cat's might. Her hat is a matte black has a bit more flop to it, and her matching cape is straighter, but has a portion that cups the bend of the shoulders. Her mask is a black cat's mask, with white highlights at the eyes to make it not disappear entirely in darkness, and similar for the pink of the nose and white, upside-down 'Y' shape of the mouth. She wears the dog tags at her neck, with a long chain that loops once around the neck, and some other decorations like a choker or other thin chains.
From this post
Abilities: General
Lucy, Verona, and Avery are practitioners, wizards who give up their ability to lie without consequences, and in return, the spirits ambient and everywhere listen to them and they have the right to be heard. This opens up a lot of options.
Binding is a skill most practitioners learn, given time and knowledge of their target the can bind them, binding can take different forms in its effects but examples range from the target being unable to leave or effect things outside of a chalk or salt circle, sealing a being into an object like a mirror, sword or jar, or being able to compel the target, to answer the question to perform actions or to fall asleep.
Notably, a practitioner who specializes in binding was able to cause a god to unmake its children and then itself.
Lucy is more proficient with binding than her peers
All three girls are educated in shamanism, the act of dealing with the spirits that govern the world. a single twig will contain spirits of growth, life, the color brown, wood, shape, etc. These spirits will also make up the spirit of the twig itself, which in turn makes up part of the spirit of the forest.
Making a payment to the spirits can allow for requests to be made via diagrams.
Blood, sweat, or tears can be used as payment, although it costs a bit of the casters Self (Identity) that comes back over time
The girls have a much wider pool to draw on than most as they have a large group of patrons others(monsters/magical creatures) with some power to spare.
Verona noticeably excels with shamanistic diagrams.
All three have access to glamour and can basically use it to shape-shift even into animals, its fragile and doubting the illusion causes it to shatter, as will a collision.
Verona noticeably excels with creative uses of glamour.
Abilities: Verona Hayward
Verona has described herself as both a dabbler and nascent sorceress, the former meaning she draws a little bit from a large range of practices, whilst sorcerers are known for not fitting neatly into a practice classification, but having a niche that they can define themselves by, Verona is notably skilled at her intuition when it comes to the practice. Her more mundane talents revolve around art and she is seen by most as a skilled artist.
For Verona in addition to her use of glamour and shamanism, she draws on the practices of Alchemy, Halflight, Heartless, and Hosting. Usually using alchemy to facilitate her use of the others.
Her key practice involves drinking a potion that puts her body in a liminal state, able to temporarily host something, such as a spirit, ghost, or other immaterial other. Inducing temporary mutations and transformation and bestowing skills and senses.
In addition to this, she has other alchemical creations such as:
And the half-light practices blur the line between humanity and the Other. From this she has:
Verona has her own distinctive Second Sight. This allows her to see in the dark (although not pitch darkness) and she perceives the world as filled with layers of plastic and cobweb behind which strange flayed creatures are sometimes hiding. She's discovered that she can ask the largest of these beings (which she suspects are Spirits) simple questions.
from the pale wiki on Verona.
Abilities: Avery Kelly
Avery Kelly has solidly defined herself as a Finder and more specifically a Path runner, she journeys to the Paths, a place where lost and unmade things go, where the rules work differently and she brings back Items and Blessings (Known as Path Boons) that break the rules. her more mundane skills revolve around a general athleticism and her ability to make friends
She has picked up multiple finder-specific practices:
She also has a collection of boons.
She also has a pin that tells her whether or not she has enough favor with a city spirit to ask it for services, i.e Rapid travel to or within a city or town.
With her own distinctive Second Sight she can see white ribbons or photographic film representing (some) Connections and has discovered that she can physically interact with them to jerk targets around. She also sees handprints and footprints, while areas without the handprints or footprints have fallen into neglect. The world of her Sight is darker than the real world and filled with mist.Her Sight is somewhat nearsighted, making it hard to see connections to people near her.Movement is highlighted, with things reacting to it more (bits of dust and debris, the mist etc.)
From the Pale wiki entry on Avery
Avery, possesses a familiar, Snowdrop an Opposum spirit and her boon companion from the Forrest ribbon travel, the formalized bond grants her the abilities of an opossum if needed, a "lost-sight" that lets her see around corners or at the second or third card in a deck and a better relationship with lost she meets on the paths.
Avery can, with setup push someone else onto a path.
Abilities: Lucy Ellingson
Lucy falls under the classifications of Cursewright and Duelist. Cursing those who have committed a wrong, forcing immaterial things to take form so she can challenge them to a sword or spear fight, and being able to place a curse or binding on those she defeats. Her more mundane skills and interests are music, one-on-one combat, and being an aggravatingly good detective.
Lucy has her own distinctive Second Sight. She can see watercolour-esque "stains" and blades piercing things which seem to indicate danger, pain, negative emotions, or harm. It can also help her see stained outlines through smoke, darkness etc.Lucy describes her Sight: "I see violence, or the effects of it, or negativity, sickness, badness. I see swords to represent wounds, with things tied to the handles, like ribbons, for the connections those wounds draw out."
From the Pale wiki entry on Lucy
Using Glamour she can pull these swords into reality and wield them
Lucy possesses a ring adorned with a sword, when running along an object can transform it into an effective weapon. I.e turning soda cans into guns, pens into spears, paper into swords.
Lucy can create a duelists arena within which she catches a target, with the boundaries are defined by a smoke circle and trying to leave finds one on the other side of the circle, the area inside looks like her sight sith weapons driven into the ground for both combatants to pick from. Lucy can decide on the terms of the deal, I.E first to draw blood, first to give up. theoretically, she could use it to force them into other kinds of combat, I.E a chess match. While within the arena beings like ghosts can be stabbed, and what would normally heal won't. If Lucy loses her opponent can take something from her, but if she wins she can bind or curse the loser.
Lucy's curses are normally empowered by the moral failings of those she curses, wielding their karma against them she has multiple curses she uses:
Finally, Lucys Implement(magic wand, but not necessarily wand) is an Earing that allows her to hear things she shouldn't it also makes her shamanistic diagrams morph into ones based around sending and receiving
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