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CSE 331 Project 3: AVL Trees solved

2022.01.27 10:58 codingprolab CSE 331 Project 3: AVL Trees solved

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2022.01.27 10:58 reggin_readbackwards One reason to stop playing tarkov , cheaters ?

It has started happening so often these days , why is this surge of hackers ? does it also make you take breaks from the game , how do you deal with it ?
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2022.01.27 10:58 Intelligent-Dingo-46 calculating fees

how can i calculate the fees if i wanna send 4 eth from coinbase to or whats the best was to transfer it with low fees
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2022.01.27 10:58 iMADEthisJUST4Dis Haven't played Minecraft in like 7 or 8 months. What are the best performance mods available right now?

For 1.16 please :)
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2022.01.27 10:58 DifficultAd7382 500 Million-Year-Old, Bug-Like Fossils Have Stunningly Preserved Nervous Systems

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2022.01.27 10:58 tommy_facefucker My sketch of the volume 1 cover I made a while ago

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2022.01.27 10:58 jakethesnakeisback16 Rugby 22 IRIS 540(Low End Pc)

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2022.01.27 10:58 jallenrt Overthought rules for using manacles

At my table I have a pc who is built to grapple, knock prone, and secure a target in manacles (her background is a town guard). After a couple sessions of confusion over how easy it should be to put someone in manacles, I want to set some table rules to go by so everyone knows what to expect. I realize that I inadvertently made the grappler feat a blanket table rule and nerfed it to boot so I probably need to revisit advantage/disadvantage. Before I introduce it to the table, what stuff seems like it's going to break the game? Thanks for any advice!
Grappling - Use an action to use 1 hand to grab onto a target and reduce its movement to 0. This is ath vs ath/acro and remains in effect until you let go or they successfully escape the grapple by using their action contesting their ath/acro vs your ath. (This is paraphrasing raw) Prone creatures have disadvantage on contests to enter or escape grapple
Restraining - Use an action to use both hands to grab onto a target. This is ath vs ath/acro and grappled and/or prone creatures have disadvantage on this contest. Then raw restrained condition applies. Restrained condition ends if you let go of them for any reason
Shoving Prone - Use an action to contest your ath vs their ath/acro to knock the target prone (raw), target has disadvantage if grappled or restrained
Putting manacles on a willing creature - Uses one action, no check required. Incapacitated creatures are considered willing because they cannot resist
Putting manacles on an unwilling creature - Use an action to contest your ath vs their ath/acro - with advantage if they have the restrained condition or the grappled and prone condition - with disadvantage if they have the grappled or prone condition - You cannot put an unwilling creature in manacles if they are not grappled, restrained, and/or prone
Wearing manacles - All the raw apply on escaping, breaking, picking, destroying the manacles. Stuff that's different - unless otherwise specified it is assumed the wearer has been disarmed so they can only make unarmed strikes and only with limbs not secured in manacles. The wearer cannot wield a shield and if they have a weapon any attack with it is at disadvantage. The wearer can move freely unless grappled or secured to an immovable object (or they can move with a moving object if you secured them to, for instance, a horse or a wagon)
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2022.01.27 10:58 NotGonna_Lie2U Hacking attempt or legit?

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2022.01.27 10:58 xqlusive83 Wil je op de hoogte blijven van cash, crypto en invest opties?

Website is opgericht om acties op te speuren en te testen. Sites/apps met gegarandeerde payout en profit worden gedeeld. Alle acties worden eerst getest door het team waarna de resultaten gedeeld worden. Voorwaarden, max profit en risico worden gedeeld.
Behulpzame groep, niets moet!
Join ons @ verdientopia
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2022.01.27 10:58 wishesanniexxx up here!

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2022.01.27 10:58 yazan-enb Stranded and can't enter abu dhabi

My friend is stranded in Dubai, bus operator told him he can't enter abu dhabi without alhosn
He did a pcr test, got a negative result and has a paper that proves it. but they told him he need to have alhosn, and his only solution is to take a cab to abu Dhabi.
Please if anybody going to abu Dhabi or knows someone who is, can you give him A ride.
He already tried everything, checking with the pcr center calling alhosn but his alhosn doesn't show the result.
Please help him he doesn't have any money left
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2022.01.27 10:58 Tango_Mike_2004 Just Redisigned my character...thoughts?

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2022.01.27 10:58 MSatoru Seeking: English (pref. not USA) Offering: Spanish, nothing? Who knows

Okay, so I'm suppossedly a C1 or that's what British Council told me but I know that I'm not that quick catching some words when spoken and also that I'm not even used to talking since I haven't practiced that much and I don't have anyone irl to talk with.
It'd be cool if you weren't from the States cause I already have people from there and I'm kinda used to that accent, so I'd need to practice with other ones. That being said, I get pretty anxious with calls so I'd rather we use audios on wapp or tele instead, at least at first. Also due timezones you might be more active while I'm at work or sleeping.
I'm from Argentina so the Spanish I can offer is not the same from other countries as we speak in a different manner, using words that may not mean the same in other countries and have a very specific 'singing' tone while talking.
I won't make this longer cause there's a lot of people looking for english partners and offering spanish so I know this will be hard and I don't wanna make this look like an AD.
PS: I don't use Discord.
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2022.01.27 10:58 Lavolpe86 New to owning an AK and have a few questions. 1. Thoughts on a vortex red dot? 2. Best muzzle break. 3. What lubricant do you prefer?

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2022.01.27 10:58 2Botter2Loop we're not aiming for the ramp

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2022.01.27 10:58 poggersinthechatttt Played with a Braum support for the first time

Got autofilled ADC in my last game and had to play with a support Braum for the first time ever. Obviously, I felt unfamiliar with the synergy going on, but I already dodged a few minutes ago so stuck to play it out. Right as the lane starts I instantly gave first blood. I rarely ever get autofilled ADC and don't have any comfortable champs for the role, but giving first blood that quickly was beyond an embarrassment for me. I expected Braum to give me a few missing pings and/or shit-talk me in chat as I'm already used to teammates questioning my skills, just something to make me lose confidence even more, but he dropped a very unexpected "Good try" that eased the tension.
As we laned together, he pretty much did all the work by himself, and we ended up stomping our lane. After every play he made that got me a very easy pickup kill, he always complimented me with something like a "Good job bro" or a "You're crazy man", which boosted my low self-esteem a lot. After laning phase ended, he went on signaled me to follow him, and I began to feel something I haven't felt in a long time. I felt warm inside being next to him. Admittedly before this match, I lived a life of emotional loneliness and petty self-confidence of myself and my image. I couldn't remember the last time anybody was ever nice to me as I played League, and even before then it was no different. Being by his side put me at ease, and I wanted him to compliment me more. With a lot of courage, I asked him if he thinks I'm cute or not, and without missing a beat he replied "You're the cutest."
I didn't know what to say. My cheeks flushed super hard and I couldn't stop smiling. "He thinks I'm cute!" was something I kept chanting to myself over and over again. Then I began to feel like he was just saying it to keep me positive to win, so I asked him again and he replied no different than before. My heart felt fuzzy and my smile began to hurt. I began to play my absolute heart out for Braum alone and it lead us to a victory even though Braum and I were the only competent players on our team. As the match ended, I began to shed a few tears, knowing I would probably never see him again. I didn't wanna friend him either because I felt like I didn't deserve such happiness, so I just sat there in the post-game lobby, waiting for him to leave.
I felt an urge rush up my body, begging for me to say something on last time. I didn't know what to say to him, but I just had to say something to appreciate the kindness he's given me. It was then I realized that I already typed "I love you, Braum" to him subconciously. I began to immediately feel embarrassed, saying such a thing like that is pretty stupid to someone you just met. I can imagine he felt a bit disturbed, so I pent up the resolve to leave first in utter disappointment. As I began to tear up, hovering my cursor over the client exit, preparing myself to continue my life of solitude, my life without Braum once more, a chat message was sent by him with the words “I love you too.”
So yeah, Braum players are pretty chill.
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2022.01.27 10:58 codingprolab CSE 331 Project 1: Doubly Linked Lists solved

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2022.01.27 10:58 Academiral ...ever had a dream where you ate your dad, Izu

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2022.01.27 10:58 Zenksor The guild on our way to Hyjal and BT

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2022.01.27 10:58 cooperluna My Cdn 14 with level and magnaflow

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2022.01.27 10:58 deckle420 Do the particles of a hot solid faster than those of a cold liquid?

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2022.01.27 10:58 GuyAugustus The things I did for Nagisa ...

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2022.01.27 10:58 prtljaznik Slavonska tvrtka nudi 340 kuna zaposlenicima koji se cijepe: Teške posljedice za one koji odbiju

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2022.01.27 10:58 dog123cats Pokemon Just cancelled my Arceus bonus item at the last second!

Has this happened to anyone else, They are now unavailable and this is the only reason I bought the game from them. Like what the hell! And it was only the plushie not the game, I feel like I just got scammed into buying it from them. I ordered the game and bonus plushie Arceus on December 28th
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