2022.01.27 11:43 Terdie23 Karmaforkarma

Karma to karma lets go!!
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2022.01.27 11:43 maceinjar Video of Jetblue A320 tailstrike at Hayden - passenger perspective

I have never personally experienced a tailstrike. This is interesting to observe how relatively violent it is in the cabin.
Assuming this is related to this event: https://avherald.com/h?article=4f3b0864&opt=0
Question: would the pilots have realistically felt this up front?
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2022.01.27 11:43 CookieThumperr Don't do (these) drugs kids

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2022.01.27 11:43 AnotherLimb Did some blending work on my RIA

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2022.01.27 11:43 B4T4R4NGZ Are there any Switch exclusive, digital-only games that are worth playing?

I have a pretty extensive steam and ps4 digital library, but I decided with nintendo I would try to get physical copies for collection/value purposes the best of my ability. So is there anything worth playing I can't get on a cartridge, or on another platform?
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2022.01.27 11:43 c2lop [Canada Online Analyst] NTA for a week straight

Hello! I am still very new to the program (about a month in), and with the recent company changes bringing about a lack of communication, and people around here saying there's usually a drought around the holidays, I find myself with this problem. For a solid week now, I have had no tasks available. I'm struggling financially right now and my partner and I are getting concerned that this won't bring in enough, so I'm looking for a second job to work alongside it. Is this normal? How much can I expect to make in a month? Thank you for any and all help, I'm glad this subreddit exists :)
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2022.01.27 11:43 ThatBetaGuy_ adhajakdh

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2022.01.27 11:43 Zonked_Feedback_ She wants him to eat with her.

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2022.01.27 11:43 Ehtisham99 Yesterday Sepoy Abdulkarim Shah and a Havaldar embraced Shahadat in an IED blast near PAK_AFG border in Arandu area of Chitral district GB.

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2022.01.27 11:43 victorcoelh How our record needs to look like from now on if basketball reference is right: A follow up to my previous post

A few days ago, I made this post about how good we need to be to actually make the playoffs after our horrible start. In fairness, expecting everyone above us to keep their current winrate could be pretty pessimistic, so I'm making this follow-up post using bball reference's projected standings as a baseline. This is how our record needs to look like to get each seeding (rounding wins up and Ls down):

  1. 30-5
  2. 30-5
  3. 27-8
  4. 26-9
  5. 25-10
  6. 25-10
  7. 23-12
  8. 22-13
  9. 21-14
  10. 17-18

Comparing this to my previous post, and considering we won 2 games since then, this scenario is more optimistic by about 1 or 2 wins on most seedings. The 10th seed is much easier, and being in the play-ins is almost a guarantee here imo.
Basketball reference sees our "best case scenario" as going 28-7 on our remaining games and being 50-32 for the season, which would put us as the 3rd seed in this scenario.
If we win at the same rate we did after firing LP last season, we would go 25-10 (71% winrate) and we would be the 5th seed in this scenario. (i miscalculated this last time, sorry)
I'm disregarding how our wins impact other teams here and tiebreakers here, for the sake of making it easier to calculate.
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2022.01.27 11:43 masonbooh I would rather have the entire “clerk lives matter squad” in my facility

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2022.01.27 11:43 ashutossshhh What’s most you have earned in 24 hours and how?

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2022.01.27 11:43 MaineGameBoy Why can't I listen to The Green Album on Spotify?

All the other songs/albums are available is my internet being fucky or what?
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2022.01.27 11:43 MalachiHauck Partnership with Splinterlands, been away for 2 days and came here to hear the great news.

I'm feeling so bullish on TBC.
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2022.01.27 11:43 Morgan-992 This Dog ToothBrush can effectively clean dog's teeth, reduce the possibility of the abrasion of their teeth and keep their dental health. It can works as a chew toy, dog can chew it for fun and at the same time, the stick will clean their teeth. Your pet will not refuse tooth brush anymore!

This Dog ToothBrush can effectively clean dog's teeth, reduce the possibility of the abrasion of their teeth and keep their dental health. It can works as a chew toy, dog can chew it for fun and at the same time, the stick will clean their teeth. Your pet will not refuse tooth brush anymore! submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 11:43 moby323 With the fiascos happening in other subreddit, it’s a good time to remember that /r/CFB wouldn’t be one of the best subreddits in existence without the work of a great group of mods that keep this place going.

Let’s give them a cheer, your favorite school cheer but for the mod team!
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2022.01.27 11:43 soundwarrior20 Help finding twitch stream key?

Hi everyone hope you’re doing well and staying safe. I’m totally blind trying to use Twitch with Safari on macOS 10 I’m unable to find my stream key does anybody know where I can find it? Thank you very much for your help everyone :-)
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2022.01.27 11:43 LandonCapital1 Predictive Oncology set to market AI drug discovery platform

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2022.01.27 11:43 Accomplished_Side999 [Chevrolet Miray] concept car at Disney World’s Test Track

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2022.01.27 11:43 Odunayo20 Number of Ethereum Addresses Holding More Than One ETH Attains New All-Time High

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2022.01.27 11:43 cosmobarfuss Im Januar - sole of foot

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2022.01.27 11:43 introvertuser46732 (OC) So I’ve added another one

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2022.01.27 11:43 anders-als-sonst ich_iel

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2022.01.27 11:43 Mentaberry03 Good storybuilding games

I like building my own story in every game i play. My most played game in steam is Crusader Kings 2 (1400ish hours), and my favourite rpgs are New Vegas and Oblivion. What are other good games for this, roleplaying and building an story for my character?
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2022.01.27 11:43 PRolosMCholos How safe is buying an account?

I am a F2P because packs are crazy expensive and the amount of money I am willing to spend on the game is mostly not buy one pack. (around 10 euros/dollars monthly)
Now for the actual question: I checked that I could get a 270 day account to speed up my progression of an alt for a similar amount of my monthly budget.
What are safe and secure websites? How can I reduce the chance of losing the account? What are the consequences of a ban? (Is it Ip or just account ban?)
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