Reshiram raid 2235 7620 9439

2021.12.01 07:12 VoddleTheNoot Reshiram raid 2235 7620 9439

make sure be online
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2021.12.01 07:12 smartybrome Lead Generation MASTERY with Facebook Lead & Messenger Ads

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2021.12.01 07:12 peppermintshore WIP themed kill team Terrain. One bit left to age then it's the scatter terrain next.

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2021.12.01 07:12 Major_von_strohiem Hey girl, have this really wholesome and beautiful message (written in cybertronian)

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2021.12.01 07:12 External_Big_594 Things that makes me doubt i'm an ISFP

I've always been super skeptial of my type, and after stuying cognitive functions I believe I am an ISFP, actually i am sure of it function wise, it makes the most sense it ever did. But, I literally relate to no stereotypes, like none of them. I always relate so much to ISTj, INTJ and INFJ stereotypes though (which was the cause of my mistypes) so here are the things I totally can't relate to, tell me what you think :

I feel like I have a high Ni and Te, unhealthy Fi and unexistant Se ?? Or I'm simply not aware of my dominant functions as i use them naturally and aware of my inferior ones as I kinda force them ? Which actually could make sense.
Ofc i didn't write the reasons why I think I'm isfp, but there are tons of them too, it just seems irrelevant in his post but take that into account too.
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2021.12.01 07:12 quizhead Camera for iPhone 12

Hi all,
I'm not sure if something like this exists but is there a small camera on a cable which I can connect to my iPhone via lighting cable?
Thank you.
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2021.12.01 07:12 MicrotechAnalysis Most HDB flat owners to pay more in property taxes next year: IRAS

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2021.12.01 07:12 lostbutfound888 A belated Ti Tuesday line up

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2021.12.01 07:12 Junuz_96 No entrance. I that a fancy birdhouse or what?

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2021.12.01 07:12 capn_banks Gloves fit

I’ve been getting together my first kit (senior, never played). I tried on the ccm 9040 glove in 14” and liked how it fitted fairly tightly over the loose 4R, but my finger tips protruded past the padding. In the UK 9040s are out of stock everywhere and I managed to buy the last pair of 9060’s in 15” in the country. These feel really wide, fingers slide sideways inside the finger part, I could shake them off with very little effort. I’m worried they will feel crap when not holding the stick and fall off when I need them most. Any advice?
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2021.12.01 07:12 YellowFlashzz Vive cosmos + racing wheel combo?

Hi guys, I have a vive cosmos Which racing wheel should I get to start playing racing games? Also any guides on how to set it up?
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2021.12.01 07:12 chrysa_pl This is the one Seán should have seen..

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2021.12.01 07:12 Marcio_Suarez 🎉That's a wrap on our EQX #BlackFriday Giveaway! 🏆Winners will be announced on our social channels on December 1st. 🌈Thank you to everyone who participated and welcome to the EQIFi Family!

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2021.12.01 07:12 Sronnoc96 [UK-EU] [H] 1st Ed Chaos Emperor Dragon Collectors Rare [W] PayPal

Hey guys looking to raise a bit of cash. Looking for around £200 for the Chaos Emperor Dragon. Please message with any questions. CED
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2021.12.01 07:12 ZenAbout Zen about Colosseum and ants!

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2021.12.01 07:12 21321312333 Industry pros who got there start in the 90's or early 2000's, how did you get your start with such little accessibility to tools and resources compared to today?

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2021.12.01 07:12 UnicornDick31 Friday Night Glory Episode #006 | May 15th, 2020 | 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, PA

A video package showing highlights from last week’s momentous occasion, with Dakota Kai successfully defending her Women’s World Championship against Liv Morgan, Drew Galloway and Matt Silva advancing to the second round of the World Tag Team Championship tournament, the return of Tyler Black and arrival of Bravehearts and Queen’s Quest… CM Punk defeated Chad Gable in his in ring return, under circumstances that can only be described as despicable. And Finally, we crowned a new World Champion in our main event when Kevin Steen defeated EC3, however the night ended with Malakai Black taking the new champion out. But tonight we follow on from that with another exciting show, but first…

POWER UP (May 13th, 2020)
Tommaso Ciampa def. Pagano
Serena Deeb def. Katie Arquette
Ember Moon def. Kimber Lee
Mustafa Ali def. Tino Sabbatelli
Shotzi Blackheart def. Solo Darling
Cedric Alexander def. Wheeler Yuta
Santana & Ortiz def. 2.0
Momo Watanabe & Utami Hayashishita def. Team Sea Stars
Show Theme: Glory - Lil Wayne

As the show finally goes to the live audience, scanning around the sold out 2300 Arena, the ring is set up with champagne, and then Kevin Steen’s music hits, the new World Champion makes his way down to the ring, the World Championship shining on his shoulder. He enters the ring and he doesn’t look happy as you’d expect, he kicks one of the podiums with an image of his win sitting atop it and the picture falls to the outside. He gestures for a microphone and when he takes it, he holds it up to his mouth and says that last week was supposed to be his moment, he won the World Championship, it should’ve been his time to shine, but Malakai Black had to put himself in the middle of it, with a heinous cheap shot after he had been through a gruelling World Championship match. As Steen is about to continue, he is cut off by a flicker from the tron, when a video appears on the screen, we see Malakai Black’s face, his eye has become infected with a black mark.

Malakai explains that during the BattleZone match, he had victory within his grasp, he had the World Championship in sight, until Kevin Steen pushed him from the heights and he crashed down onto the barbed wire. When he left that night, what many don’t know is that a piece of barbed wire was embedded in his eye and he had to sit at home waiting, watching Kevin Steen take what was supposed to be his. He decided that last week he would come back and send a message, whoever won that match would be his target, so really it wasn’t anything personal… to start with, but he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t so much sweeter that he got to ruin Kevin Steen’s crowning moment. He reiterates that what he wants is that World Championship, so he will see Kevin Steen again soon enough. As the video cuts to static, Steen’s eyes stare at the tron in pure rage, the sound of static audible, before finally fading away to a commercial.

As the show comes back to ringside, Cedric Alexander’s music hits and he makes his way to the stage, along with his tag team partner, Mustafa Ali. The duo make their way down the ramp and enter the ring, Ali giving Alexander a pep talk ahead of his match with the legendary Luchador. Before Mysterio’s music hits, the music of Carmelo Hayes hits, and he makes his way onto the stage with Trick Williams, they stare Alexander and Ali down from the stage before heading off to the side and joining commentary, these two teams have had their issues as of late. But tonight, it’s about this man, Cedric Alexander’s opponent, Rey Mysterio. The Master of the 619 makes his way to the stage and as the fans give him a great ovation, he makes his way down the ramp, stepping off the side to go to the floor below and high five the ringside fans, he finally enters the ring and comes face to face with Cedric and the referee gets ready to call for the bell.

Cedric Alexander w/Mustafa Ali vs Rey Mysterio
The match kicks off with a handshake between the two competitors, and then kicks into a high gear very quickly, Mysterio being put through his paces by Cedric. The two men have an exciting match filled with fast paced, action, Alexander has control as the match reaches the 13 minute mark, and he sets Mysterio up for the Lumbar Check, however when he lifts Mysterio up, the luchador keeps hold of Alexander and manages to reverse right into a Bulldog. As both men recover, Rey manages to reach his feet first and takes the fight to his opponent, but Alexander catches him with a forearm hard across the face. Mysterio stumbles away as he holds the side of his face, but when Alexander rushes at him he dropkicks the knee out from underneath him, dropping Alexander onto the ropes in perfect position for the 619, and Mysterio hits the move, before rushing to climb the turnbuckles and nailing a perfect Frog Splash and covering for the 3 count.

Rey Mysterio def. Cedric Alexander (14:28)

After the match, Mysterio has his hand raised in victory, as Alexander gets back to his feet with the help of Mustafa Ali, Mysterio extends his hand to his opponent in a show of respect. Mysterio exits the ring and as he heads back up the ramp he crosses paths with Trick and Melo, who applaud Mysterio as they pass, making their way down to the ring and hopping onto the apron. As Alexander and Ali put their fists up ready for a fight, Melo and Trick enter, and they begin to brawl with Ali and Alexander, quickly managing to take an already beaten Alexander out and turn the attack to a two on one affair. At least that’s what they think, because Mysterio makes his way back to the ring and he takes the fight to Trick and Melo, eventually the duo retreat and shout from the sidelines that Mysterio just made a big mistake.

We cut backstage where Cathy Kelley is standing by with Kurt Angle, who is here to give an update on the condition of Chad Gable following last week’s match. He says that unfortunately, due to the despicable actions of CM Punk, Gable will be out of action for an undetermined period of time, after the steel plate shot to the head he suffered a fractured skull and has been told to stay home for the next 12-15 weeks. In the meantime Angle will still be present every week to make sure Gable isn’t forgotten in his absence, and to fight for justice, to fight for Punk to suffer consequences, even if he has to dish them out himself.

As the show cuts back to ringside… “Bow down to the Queens”

One week ago we saw Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita and AZM explode onto the scene, making the save for Io Shirai when she suffered a beatdown at the hands of The Kaio Kollective. The 4 women walk out to the stage, and with Io Shirai at the helm make their way to the ring. As the 4 women receive a great reaction from the crowd, they’re cut off by the music of Io Shirai’s opponent, Mandy Rose. Mandy makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring, she is ready to prove herself against Io who is seeing success as of late, a win for Mandy could elevate her up the card.

Io Shirai w/Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita & AZM vs Mandy Rose
The match kicks off with Shirai showing some great speed offence and out classing Mandy easily, but it doesn’t take long for Mandy to take the upper hand when she catches Shirai with a knee to the face. From that point she controls Shirai by slowing down the momentum of the match and grounding Shirai, however the ego of Mandy proves to ultimately be her undoing, because she struts around the ring gloating before getting Shirai up and going for the Bed of Roses. But the time that Rose took to gloat gave Shirai the chance to regain her composure enough to see what was coming and reverse out of the finisher, and she takes Rose down with a Hurricanrana which lands her right on the middle rope, and in a tribute to an idol of hers, the lucha legend himself, Rey Mysterio, Shirai nails a beautiful 619, before hopping up to the top turnbuckle and nailing her signature Moonsault, covering Rose for the 1… 2… 3…

Io Shirai def. Mandy Rose (11:28)

As the match has come to a close, Queen’s Quest enters the ring and celebrates with the victorious leader, raising her hand, but then…

Our POWER Women’s World Champion is here, and she does not look happy, as Shirai watches the stage where the champion stands, Purrazzo and Deeb rush in from the crowd and jump the group, their numbers aren’t looking good though as Kai slowly strolls down the ramp where she stops next to a recovering Mandy Rose, she looks down at Mandy and offers her hand, Mandy hesitates, giving the offer some though and ultimately takes it, and Kai joins the brawl alongside Mandy Rose. The 8 women battle back and forth eventually though with the numbers now balanced, The Kaio Kollective manage to beat down the opposition, the exclamation point being laid as Purrazzo and Rose present a beaten down Io Shirai for the champion to hit the Kairopractor. Kai looks down upon the fallen Queen’s Quest, takes her title and holds it high above the air, with her foot on the chest of Io Shirai.

The show heads to a commercial break to allow for the ring to clear, and upon returning the emptied ring awaits the next segment, and that is when the 2300 Arena is met with the music of Randy Orton, who makes his way out to the stage with FTR by his side. Following last week’s tag team match, these three men are sure to be in a bad mood, Orton retrieves a microphone as he enters the ring and he stands in the middle of the ring waiting for the audience’s boos to die down. As he finally goes to raise the mic to his lips, the audience re-energises and Orton just drops his arms back to his side in frustration, finally he does get the chance to speak. He says that last week Tyler Black attacked him from behind like the coward he is, interrupting FTR’s match and costing them their rightful chance to advance in the tournament. Instead we have Drew Galloway and Matt Silva advancing, despite the fact they aren’t an established and competent team like FTR. Orton vows that vengeance will come their way in due time…

Here they are, the newest trio in POWER, Tyler Black and the tag team that punched their ticket into the second round of the World Tag Team Championship tournament, Drew Galloway and Matt Silva. The group now known as Bravehearts stand atop the stage as the audience cheer them on, Tyler Black takes a microphone and as he raises it up to his mouth, he says that a month and a half ago, Randy Orton punted him in the side of the skull and put him in a hospital bed, and he had to watch as Randy and his two stooges terrorised his family and his friends, in that month and a half, he spent every single waking moment architecting the perfect revenge plan, and last week he saw the perfect opportunity to put that plan into action. Suddenly Dax Harwood takes the microphone from Randy Orton’s hand and tells him to shut the hell up, he says that he isn’t here to just talk, so if Tyler Black really wants to do something, he’ll step between the ropes and face him one on one right now, or hell, he’ll take on any of them. A staredown between the two trios is broken when Bravehearts discuss back and forth, finally coming to a mutual decision, Tyler Black says he accepts the challenge.

We head up to commentary as the match is set up, Daniel Cormier proclaiming that this is going to be a good ol’ fashioned street fight, neither man is dressed for a wrestling match here, Excalibur adding that it will be interesting to see how Tyler Black adapts back into the ring following his recent injury. We go to the ring where Tyler Black and Dax Harwood are both in jeans and a t-shirt, Tyler wearing the brand new Bravehearts tee, which is available now on, Dax’s is just plain white. But the referee has entered the ring and keeps the two men apart until he rings the bell.

Dax Harwood w/Cash Wheeler & Randy Orton vs Tyler Black w/Drew Galloway & Matt Silva
The two competitors rush right at each other and start to brawl, Tyler Black looks reinvigorated compared to his first night in POWER, and he beats Dax into the corner. Tyler Black backs away and allows Dax to stumble to his feet, only to be caught with a Superkick flush in the gut, dropping him to his knees. Black looks over at Randy Orton before running the ropes and stomping Dax’s head into the mat, rolling him over and hooking the leg, 1… 2… 3…

Tyler Black def. Dax Harwood (0:28)

Tyler Black rolls out of the ring to Drew Galloway and Matt Silva who raise his hands as Bravehearts have once again sent the message loud and clear to Randy Orton and FTR, the numbers game is no longer in their favour. Orton and FTR stare down Bravehearts who have seen some success since the return of Tyler Black last week. But up next, the roll out for Hit Row’s grand premiere begins with Chris Bey, who will be going head to head with Hit Row’s Ortiz. Interestingly, next week’s first round match in the Tag Team Championship tournament will see Hit Row’s Willie Mack and Rich Swann take on Santana & Ortiz of LAX. Tonight could prove to be a preview of what’s to come, and a chance to get the momentum heading into next week’s match.

Back at ringside, Hit Row’s music blasts through the speakers and Chris Bey walks onto the stage, B-Fab and Shane Strickland join him, Shane giving him a pep talk. The three make their way down the ramp and the feed cuts backstage to show Willie Mack and Rich Swann watching on. Once Chris Bey reaches the ring, and he’s ready to go, LAX’s music blasts and Ortiz makes his way out, joined by Santana and Homicide. As the trio heads down the ramp, Ortiz enters the ring as Santana & Homicide step off the ramp and stand beside the ring to support their teammate.

Chris Bey w/Shane Strickland & B-Fab vs Ortiz w/Homicide & Santana
Ortiz and Bey lock up in the outset of this match, both men go back and forth for a bit, but as things get heated at ringside with Shane Strickland getting in the face of Homicide and Santana, from the crowd, Rich Swann and Willie Mack hop the barricade and a brawl breaks out. With the referee distracted, Ortiz focuses on Bey, until B-Fab hops onto the apron, when Ortiz moves over to argue with her, she sprays something in his eyes, and Bey quickly rolls Ortiz up, the referee turns and quickly makes the count, 1… 2… 3…

Chris Bey def. Ortiz (9:25)

Bey gets back to his feet as the referee raises his hand, Hit Row regroup in the ring as LAX move to the back, already plotting their revenge, while this is happening, Pat McAfee promotes that next week Hit Row will once again have the chance to ascend to platinum status, while LAX have the opportunity for revenge because in the first round of the World Tag Team Championship tournament, Rich Swann and Willie Mack will take on Santana & Ortiz. The show cuts away to an advertisement, and when we return, the arena falls into silence waiting to see what’s next, and that is when Commissioner Dave Bautista’s music hits and the crowd come unglued, he makes his way down the ramp and steps through the ropes and enters the ring. The entire roster surrounds the ring.

Bautista takes to the microphone and says that it is time to announce the participants in the Latino Heat Invitational, and he is excited to finally let the fans in on what he believes to be one of his proudest moments thus far as commissioner, but let’s get right into it…

The first people he wants to put in the field are none other than Bravehearts made up of Drew Galloway, Matt SIlva and the recently returned Tyler Black. The trio all step onto the apron, earning a positive reaction from the audience, on the screen their names all fade into three of the spaces. The next people who will be entered into the tournament are… the new allies of Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher, also known as Brute Force. They get boos from the audience as they step onto the apron, quickly switching as Bautista announces Johnny Gargano and Sami Zayn as the next entrants into the tournament, two fan favourites and the rivals to Brute Force. The four names are added to the bracket, with the revelation that Johnny Gargano and Timothy Thatcher will be going head to head in the first round. Carmelo Hayes is the next revealed, he looks as confident as ever as Trick Williams hypes him up, Hayes hops onto the apron with the biggest smirk on his face.

Next up to be revealed is the leader of LAX, Homicide, he slowly pulls himself up onto the apron and looks around at the rest of the field, as his name fades onto the bracket, his opponent in the first round isn’t any of the other men standing on the apron as of yet. The 4 members of Hit Row will also be competing in this tournament, Shane Strickland, Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Chris Bey, this paves way to the second official first round match being revealed, Willie Mack will go one on one with Drew Galloway, a clash of two big men.

Malakai Black is next, the man who has recently targeted the World Champion steps onto the apron with zero fear in his eyes, he doesn’t even look at his competition, just stands there staring straight ahead. A fan favourite tag team is next revealed in the form of the Heart & Soul of POWER, Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali… The next person involved will also be Mustafa Ali’s opponent in the first round, Mustafa Ali will take on the Best in the World, CM Punk. Punk walks up the steps as he stares Mustafa Ali down with a smug grin across his face, Ali looks determined and ready to put CM Punk in his place. Another tag team will join this tournament, and two men from Mexico, they are Hijo del Vikingo and Taurus.

Two men who have preyed upon Drew Galloway and Matt Silva in recent weeks, Randy Orton and Dax Harwood will take part in this tournament, and both their opponents are already revealed in the bracket, these two more matches are Randy Orton vs the aforementioned Hijo del Vikingo and Dax Harwood vs Matt Silva. The next entry is a man who this tournament means a lot to, because he is a man who was friends with Eddie Guerrero, ladies and gentlemen, Rey Mysterio…

These last two entrants are revealed to be Sammy Guevara and Shingo Takagi, who will be facing Homicide and Tyler Black respectively in the first round. As these names fade onto the screen, confusion fills the air because there’s still 8 spots left unfilled. Batista acts confused as he looks up at the screen before seemingly gathering his thoughts, he says that these next 4 spots are filled by men who have been signed onto the roster, and they will make their splash in this prestigious tournament. The first of these men is… ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Calvin Tankman!!! Tankman makes his way out to the stage and down the ramp he stands at the end of the ramp right on the apron, looking around at the other members of the roster, but that’s not all, we also have Darius Lockhart!!! The Revolutionary makes his way out, ready to bring the Revolution to POWER, he makes his stand at the edge of the apron as the next man is revealed. Ladies and Gentle-

“Dave Dave Dave, I appreciate the opportunity, but I can’t let you introduce me, you’d do it no justice… So without further ado, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, coming to you from Atlanta, Georgia, I… am the Mack of ALLLLL Trades!!!!! AC Mack!!!!”

“Now, I know my name is goin to show up on their in a moment, and no matter who I face, it doesn’t matter one bit, because, Spoiler Alert, My name will show up 5 more times after, I will beat whichever guy I’m put up against in the first round, and then I’ll beat the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, and AC Mack will be the inaugural winner of the Latino Heat Invitational!!!!-”

AC Mack turns back to the entrance way, and out through the curtain appears Dante Fox, who walks right up to AC Mack and gets in his face, he snatches the microphone out of AC Mack’s hand and asks if he’s done blabbering on? He says he’s here to fight, so if Mack is just going to waste time talking he’d rather know now. Mack gets in the face of Dante, and the two exchange some words, until Mack throws a cheap shot, and this prompts the two to brawl, which in turn sparks an all out brawl at ringside, Batista tries to get everything under control, but when that fails he tells the back to cut to commercials…

When the show returns to the broadcast, the commentary team clear up what happened during the break, saying that Bautista booked AC Mack and Dante Fox to have an impromptu match right now, and with 4 spots in the Latino Heat Invitational he has promised that following tonight’s main event he will reveal those additions as we go off air. But right now we have the debut of two new stars to POWER in the form of the loud mouth, AC Mack and the fighter, Dante Fox.

AC Mack vs Dante Fox
These two newcomers to POWER look to make their mark on the brand immediately as they lock up, both try to show they’re the better man by controlling the lockup, Dante trying to strike Mack while Mack tries to wrap Dante up in headlocks and waistlocks to gloat. Eventually Mack slams Dante onto the ground with a slam, and as he takes the head of Dante in a headlock once again, continuing to talk Dante attempts to fight out of the headlock, throwing wild elbows back and one manages to catch Mack across the side of his head, and he releases his grip as he grabs for his head. The two men continue to go back and forth with Dante working as the aggressive brawler trying to turn this into a fight, and Mack just tries to impose his will over Dante as the cocky technician of the match. Towards the end, the two men are in the center of the ring trading blows, Dante getting the better of the exchange seemingly, until Mack blatantly rakes the eyes of Dante, the referee pulls Mack away and admonishes him for his actions. Mack just throws his hands in the air to not be perceived as fighting back, the referee checks on Dante and when Fox says he is ok to keep going, the referee reluctantly backs off. Fox attempts to fight back but his vision blurred, he is taken by a kick to the gut, Mack pulls Dante’s head down and gloats before hooking the arms and hitting the Mack 10 (Double Underhook Facebuster), Mack rolls Dante over and hooks his leg, the referee gets down and makes the count, 1… 2… 3…

AC Mack def. Dante Fox (12:42)

AC Mack gets to his feet victorious and he holds his arms outstretched in celebration, shouts down the camera that Cedric Alexander will meet the same fate as Dante did now, because nobody in POWER is on his level. Mack heads to the back with his head raised high, the feed cuts backstage for an interview with War Machine and their Hersir, Alexander Wolfe. Wolfe claims that the self proclaimed Chosen Ones haven’t earned that moniker, and up next they’re going to feel the shame that comes with their overinflated ego, because nobody can measure up to Hanson and Raymond Rowe, NOBODY. The three men walk out of frame and then their music hits, the trio walk out onto the stage as Mike Rome introduces what is the second of our World Tag Team Championship tournament matches. They enter the ring and the crowd are cheering them on, they await their opponents, and then the music hits, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, The Chosen Ones are in the building and look to make it one step closer to those World Tag Team Championships.

War Machine w/”Hersir” Alexander Wolfe vs The Chosen Ones | World Tag Team Championship First Round Match
The match starts off with Raymond Rowe and Carmelo Hayes respectively, and they lock up, but Rowe quickly manages to take control, he grounds Hayes and enforces dominance for the opening couple minutes, until Hayes shows some fight, creating enough space to tag in Trick. Rowe doesn’t back down from the fresher opponent for a second and the two trade blows, Trick does manage to get the better of this exchange, eventually he throws Rowe back into his corner, trapping Rowe far away from his partner and in enemy territory. Melo and Trick make frequent tags as they beat Rowe down, gloating every chance they get. Rowe fights back multiple times but is pulled back, however after suffering 7 minutes in hell at the mercy of the Chosen Ones, Rowe makes another effort to fight back, this time creating enough space to make the crawl back to Hanson, making the dive and tagging in his partner finally. Hanson enters the ring and takes Melo and Trick out with Lariats and Back Body Drops. With Carmelo as the legal man, Hanson slams his opponent onto the mat, he drags Melo over to the corner where he steps up to the second rope and throws himself back into a Splash right onto Hayes and makes a quick cover, 1… 2… Hayes kicks out…

Hanson isn’t put off and he drags Melo to the center of the ring and attempts to hit him with a Powerbomb, but Trick re enters the ring and attacks Hanson, Hayes making his way into the fray as well and they beat down the big man. Rowe recovers and he slides into the ring, Trick points Rowe out and Hayes turns to Rowe, going to attack, but Rowe pops him up and drops him back down right into a knee. Trick turns his attention away from Hanson and as he goes to attack Rowe, he swings wildly and Rowe nails a German Suplex after ducking the strike. Rowe and Hanson regroup in the ring, and Hayes is slowly getting back to his feet, Hanson climbs to the top turnbuckle as Rowe gets Hayes up, and they hit Fallout!!! Hanson makes the cover, 1… 2… 3…

War Machine def. The Chosen Ones (10:27)

Alexander Wolfe steps into the ring and raises the hands of his warriors, War Machine have claimed a spot in the next round of the tournament, where they will meet Bravehearts. As the group makes their exit, next week’s tournament match is advertised, we will see Heart & Soul, Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali take on the lucha team of Hijo del Vikingo and Taurus. In a match that proves to be one to look out for with high flying action and some incredible athleticism. But tonight we have our main event, which will see the singles debut of Valentina Shevchenko. The show cuts to a video package hyping up Valentina Shevchenko’s abilities, whether it be her experience in the octagon in UFC, or her experience in dancing, everything in her life has laid the groundwork for a world class athlete, which now brings her to the grand stage of POWER.

Back at ringside, the bodies have been cleared and all that is left is for the competitors in tonight’s main event to make their way to the ring, first is Shotzi Blackheart. Shotzi makes her way to the stage along with her music kicking in, and the crowd are delighted to see her, the exciting superstar makes her way the rest of the way down the ramp and she steps through the ropes. Finally, the highly anticipated moment is here, Valentina Shevchenko’s music blasts through the speakers and the woman nicknamed “Bullet” makes her way to the stage, the crowd giving her the warmest of receptions. Shevchenko dons black and gold tights and top, she enters the ring and comes face to face with her opponent. Before the bell can be rung, Kay Lee Ray makes her way out to the stage, and she strolls over to commentary and joins the team for the match. She says she just wants to get a closer look at Shevchenko’s big return to POWER.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Valentina Shevchenko
As the bell is rung, both women stand a few feet away from each other, the crowd are rowdy for the action in this match to start, Shotzi points around to the crowd, telling Valentina Shevchenko that she better get used to this, telling her that she may be the best fighter on the planet, but if these fans get to you, you will never make it. Shevchenko smiles as the audience begin to chant her name, she simply says back to Shotzi that she can handle it. Ironically, the crowd being so far on Valentina’s side takes Shotzi Blackheart by surprise and seemingly irks her a little. The women finally lock up, and Shotzi takes control of the head, the crowd boo as Shotzi is once again thrown off by their response, she releases her grip and walks towards the ropes, getting a better look at the crowd, they’re all cheering for Shevchenko, and she is angered by this. She turns back to Shevchenko, and she asks who Valentina thinks she is, and then lays a slap right across Shevchenko’s face. Shevchenko immediately grabs Shotzi and takes her down to the mat, laying into her with elbows and forearms, Shotzi wriggles away and escapes under the ropes. As she sits against the steps, the fans begin to chant “you deserve it” and this pushes Shotzi over the edge, she is in complete shock that the fans have turned on her so fast, and all because they’re into the new face in professional wrestling. She puts her hand up to her head and realises that a cut has been opened up on the top of her head.

Shotzi is just furthered fuelled by rage, seeing red, both metaphorically and literally, she gets to her feet and moves towards the barricade, disgusted by the fact that the fans are fine with Shevchenko showing any sort of ruthlessness, but a simple headlock got a bad reaction. She turns away from the fans and slides back into the ring, getting right in the face of Shevchenko, pushing her head right up against Shevchenko’s as she talks trash, she lays into Shevchenko with a forearm and continues the onslaught relentlessly, beating Shevchenko down into the corner, she steps away and calls out to the fans “how you like me now?” she walks a bit away from Shevchenko before turning back and running, before throwing herself at Shevchenko in a Somersault Senton. Shotzi looks to embarrass Shevchenko in her first one on one match and climbs to the top rope, looking to hit her patented senton, as she leaps through, Shevchenko rolls away, she pulls herself up to her feet and Shotzi stumbles up, when she turns to Shevchenko she is caught with a brutal Spinning Backfist, Shevchenko makes the cover, 1… 2… 3…

Valentina Shevchenko def. Shotzi Blackheart (8:22)

Valentina Shevchenko gets to her feet among the adoring fans cheers, she raises her arms in the air in victory, and then she looks over to where Shotzi Blackheart is recovering, she walks over and looks down at the fallen foe, she extends her hand in a show of respect, Shotzi Blackheart looks as if she is going to take her hand, but right as she is about to she flips Shevchenko the bird and rolls out the ring, making her way back up the ring, beaten and bloodied. Shevchenko continues her celebration in the ring, when she catches the eye of Kay Lee Ray who is applauding from the commentary desk, Shevchenko has a successful debut, and she brings our show to an end… except not entirely…

The feed cuts to Dave Bautista’s office backstage, he speaks to the camera, saying that before being interrupted earlier, he still had 4 names to announce for the Latino Heat Invitational, so he’s going to give them their due announcement now, first he will start off with what context lies beneath the surface for these entrants. This tournament is a chance for someone to prove they're the best of the best, a chance to honour a man who was arguably the best to ever step foot in the ring, and so if this is a tournament for some of the worlds best wrestlers to prove they are the best, it would only make sense to reach out to other promotions and give their superstars a shot, and so without further ado, first we have 3 men coming to us from Infinity. The first of these three is a veteran of the industry, a multiple time world champion in the past and a Japanese legend, ladies and gentlemen, it is POWER’s honour to welcome Hiroshi Tanahashi to our world for this special tournament. Joining Hiroshi Tanahashi from Infinity is someone who has quickly risen the ranks to be seen as a world class athlete, someone who is sure to have an incredible career that is only just getting started, yet sees some special moments already, we are pleased to host Ilja Dragunov in POWER for this tournament.

There is one more from Infinity, and this man is someone who is incredibly charismatic, if maybe a little egotistical, but anybody who has seen this guy knows he’s a lot more than just talk, ladies and gentlemen, we welcome with open arms, Adam Cole BAY BAY!!!

Finally, there is one more name, and this one comes to us from PRIDE, and he will be competing this coming Wednesday on the first night of this tournament, a man who has paid his dues in Japan, and now tears up the wrestling ring in PRIDE, so please, give a warm welcome to the final entrant in the Latino Heat Invitational tournament… KENOH!!!

Full Bracket

POWER UP - May 20th, 2020
Becky Lynch vs Holidead
Calvin Tankman vs Peter Avalon
Deonna Purrazzo vs Kimber Lee
War Machine vs 2point0
Candice LeRae vs Elayna Black
Tyler Black vs Ho Ho Lun
Carmelo Hayes vs Sefa Fatu
Dakota Kai vs Priscilla Kelly
Taurus vs Dralistico
Ember Moon vs Lacey Lane
Sami Zayn vs Tony Deppen
Drew Galloway vs Willie Mack - Latino Heat Invitational First Round
Randy Orton vs Hijo del Vikingo - Latino Heat Invitational First Round
Sammy Guevara vs Homicide - Latino Heat Invitational First Round
Tommaso Ciampa vs KENOH - Latino Heat Invitational First Round

Friday Night Glory #007 - May 22nd, 2020
Kay Lee Ray vs Liv Morgan
Shotzi Blackheart Appears Live
Heart & Soul vs A Viking & His Minotaur
Shane Strickland vs Tre Lamar
Malakai Black Appears Live
Io Shirai & Momo Watanabe vs Serena Deeb & Deonna Purrazzo
Drew Galloway vs Calvin Tankman
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2021.12.01 07:12 HtheExtraterrestrial Brown speck on fingernail.

Noticed it about two months ago. I didn’t injure or hit the nail bed and there’s no pain even when pressure is applied to it. It hasn’t moved with nail growth so I doubt it’s a stain. The speck may have gotten a little larger since I first noticed it, but I can’t be certain.
I suspected it was a stain from smoking, but since it’s not migrating with nail growth and isn’t coming off after scrubbing I’m starting to think it might be something else. Any ideas?
Specs: 22F, from the UK, 170cm, 57kg, no current medical issues, currently on 10mg citalopram (celexa), regulaevery day smoker (roughly 7-10 a day), occasional drinker (on average, between 4.6 and 9.2 units a week), and occasionally take recreational drugs (cocaine - once every 1-1.5 months, ecstasy - 4-5 times a year, ketamine - 1-2 times a year).
the finger nail in question
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