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halal darius😳🤲🏻

2021.10.17 00:12 CameraCold halal darius😳🤲🏻

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2021.10.17 00:12 yabbayaypw Completed Commission - Black & Blue Buttero Cardholder

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2021.10.17 00:12 Real_Bonus Revelations is coming very soon

My daughter, be docile, but clear, any word or writing of the new doctrine must make you doubt, the truth is clear, crystalline and it is only one and forever, everything what was revealed at Fatima is now taking shape before the incredulous eyes of all, but many will be pervaded by a sense of normality and modernity, here my daughter, all this will have to be clarified for the good of humanity that is being losing. I will accompany you in prayer together with your brothers and I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen

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2021.10.17 00:12 Calm_Neighborhood160 Lie-flat seats:

I was previously an avid traveler pre-kid/pandemic (40+ countries, worked in healthcare around the world) but have been out of the game the last two years due to a baby. I’ve managed to take him on a few international flights so far but am itching to get off this continent.
We live closest to SEA and my silly dream is to one day get to fly in lie-flat seats with my kiddo to…somewhere. There’s never been a country I’ve turned down.
What is the best way to search for fancy first class seats? I currently use Google flights “explore” and just narrow criteria but wish I could easily tell which seats were lie-flat without clicking on them.
Help this very tired mom and nurse flee her covid-y job via a luxury seat!
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2021.10.17 00:12 wbradleyjr1 BUSTED! I caught them in the BIGGEST LIE EVER

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2021.10.17 00:12 Lying_on_the_Moon 24 Toronto - Searching for the beans who matter

I’ve found a lot of great people off of here, some of them I’ve talked to every day for years, some of them have definitely impacted my life for the better - and i always wonder how crazy it would be, and how different I would be, if I’d just continued scrolling or decided to turn off my laptop and go outside. I’m half-joking lmao, I mean god forbid i go outside right?? but I’d definitely be a different person if not for some of the people I’ve met from here, some of them I meet up with regularly week to week. So I’m looking forward to meeting the beans who matter.
I am looking for people who are rambly, and open to messaging at least once a day. You don’t mind receiving walls of spam and reciprocating back and forth. You’re willing to put effort into talking, with the understanding that you have your own life and shit to do - which is amazing, just come back eventually and tell me about it :P It’s very important to me that you aren’t weirdly entitled or aggressive, and that we both respect each others boundaries and comfort levels with different things. We all grow at our own pace.
I am a 24 year old torontonian. If you’re nearby definitely send me a message - we don’t have to meet up, but I think i just like the idea of talking to people closer by. I want you to at least be from Ontario. I used to talk to people farther away, but eventually it gets depressing to know you’ll never see these people, especially when you get really close with them. I play the ukulele, and love going out on walks, even in the rain. I have a massive bucket list of very mundane things that mean a lot to me, and I might share with you. I love Harry Potter, and Marvel, writing stories, reading them, and hearing yours as well. I love pruning into people’s personalities and personal anecdotes to figure out how they came to be who they are today, and it gives me joy to be able to know someone to that extent. I will also almost certainly get hooked on trying to make you laugh, almost 80% of the stuff i say is just me trying to get people to laugh. If you’re interested, send me a message - a long one. I might not respond to anything low effort.
If we really click (and we’re both comfortable with it ofc), I usually move on to do phone calls, and watch stuff online together, movies, tv shows, stuff one of us is into but the other isn’t - just discovering someone through the media they consume. I think my thing is finding a person to invest in, so let me invest in you.
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2021.10.17 00:12 ZoolShop Week 4 – Sara Davies tangos to the top of the leaderboard

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2021.10.17 00:12 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-jean-baudrillard-3

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2021.10.17 00:12 weelppp After having a fit of the zoomies, snuggled in her bed - poppa I need attention 😂

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2021.10.17 00:12 CheebaToker What are we going to do about Kiké??

I mean he already has a post season card but it's the ALCS and he hasn't stopped.
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2021.10.17 00:12 lvlupbunihop Anything and Everything about Basin, WY

I'm a Montanan writer working on a novel. My protagonist travels through Basin WY and while I've been there in passing a couple times and eaten at the Copper Corner Cafe I'd like to know some more about the town just so I'm representing it well and not blurring reality too much.
How does the town feel about outsiders/visitors/tourists? Are people generally generous and good natured? What are some things about Basin you'd miss just passing through?
Any help is appreciated, thanks for your beautiful state, I promise my book won't be popular enough to attract unwanted attention.
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2021.10.17 00:12 Mrs-Lovett Halloween Nails from a salon I don't normally go to.

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2021.10.17 00:12 iGenZen Giratina raid

2687 8194 2392
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2021.10.17 00:12 redditmjs Took my Speed Twin to the Rock Store

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2021.10.17 00:12 ShallotDifferent8125 Help, I think I might have messed up my relationship

Hello, im new to this. I f(21) have a long term long distance boyfriend m(24). Recently he went to his friends house to hang out. Which I am totally cool with, I just have repeatedly asked him to let me know when he gets home whether it is a call or a text. That night he did not do either. (I am a very anxious person, I worry a lot) he lives about 30 minutes away from his friends house and in a high traffic city. I stayed up until around midnight, that's when I fell asleep. When I woke up around 6:30 am I still had not heard from him, so I tried to call and his phone was turned off. This caused my anxiety to by really high. So I sent a message through messenger to his friend that he said he was going to be with. The message didn't go through. (keep in mind, he used to live with this friend and I have messaged him a few times asking if he is with my bf, that's all the conversations ever were). So at this point I message his brother asking if he could let me know if he knows where my bf is at, I just want to know he's safe. about 15 minutes after I send the message I receive a message from my bf. We talk for a bit and my anxiety has gone down some. I tell him how I was so anxious that I messaged his friend asking if they were still hanging out. My bf becomes angry at this. Stating I have no right to be involving his friend into our relationship by asking him if he's seen him. He also said that this makes our relationship look bad and gives people more reason to talk bad about us. He then went back and forth between saying he doesn't care and that he's really mad. I apologized for what I did, stated I would never contact ANYONE asking to know if he is okay. (I understand that I can go overboard at times, I have a problem with having completely worse case scenarios playing in my head.) He then stated he is going to listen to music the rest of his ride to work, said I love you and have a great day then ended the call. I'm not sure what to do to make things right. I apologized while on the phone call as well as after we ended the call, I sent him a message apologizing, though he has not accepted my apology as of yet. But he did message me about 30 minutes after my message saying I love you. and liked a post I put on an app that we use together called Tuned. (the post said I love you with all my heart). we have not had communication since. What can I do to make things right? Please help. He is supposed to come visit me tomorrow, although he hasn't said anything about cancelling plans, I'm afraid he might. Please help, I'm not sure what to do.
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2021.10.17 00:12 CatraFX Artful Dodger - Maeve Evading Bullets Fanart [CatraClaws]

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2021.10.17 00:12 HaveALittle_Faith heya (16f), i have Faith that i will find some Good ppl to [chat] with

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2021.10.17 00:12 mako526 “Hey guys I have a brilliant idea to remove the vaccine poison, what if I tried stabbing myself?

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2021.10.17 00:12 dingbatmeow Sunday sun seeker

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2021.10.17 00:12 Funky_monkey14 Cayo perico b2b(2x)

I have the tequila. I don’t have much experience with the heist so you’ll probably have to do most of it. I am also on Ps5 and have no mic if that’s important. Dm if you wanna do it. If necessary I can do twice for every one you do since I only have tequila
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2021.10.17 00:12 Centrez release date

They will not release android 12 with the pixel 6, they will announce when it's being released.
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2021.10.17 00:12 ipoopcandycorn Argentinian Influencer leaves famous soccer playing husband for richer and more famous teammate. Now, said teammate has left her for her younger and prettier married friend.

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2021.10.17 00:12 JackSokool Average Redditors don’t like to work

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2021.10.17 00:12 TheFakePseudonym Where Books?

Where can I buy some NFT books that support this project?
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2021.10.17 00:12 imapotato0086 Thinking about using a Dunecrawler for killteam

When I was playing killteam with some friends, one jokingly said that I should bring my Dunecrawler and use that for my whole killteam. Well, I decided to try just that and make a datasheet for the Dunecrawler. It would still be considered admech, but I'm mainly planning on running it by itself and the goal would be for it to survive until the end of the game. I'm looking for some feedback on this as I don't want this to be too overpowered or underpowered. Please C&C.

A Dunecrawler can be equiped with one of the following options:

\- Eradication beamer, Cognis Heavy stubber 

\- Icarus Array: Daedalus missile launcher, gatling rocket launcher, twin icarus autocannon 

\- Neutron laser, Cognis heavy stubber 

\- Twin Onager heavy phosphor blaster, Cognis heavy stubber 

Total Wounds : 70

Bracketing Wounds :

53+ Wounds Remaining: M(8"), APL(4), GA(1), DF(3), Sv(3+), W(70)

36-52 Wounds Remaining: M(6"), APL(3), GA(1), DF(3), Sv(3+), W(NA)

18-35 Wounds Remaining: M(4"), APL(3), GA(1), DF(3), Sv(3+), W(NA)

1-17 Wounds Remaining: M(2"), APL(2), GA(1), DF(3), Sv(3+), W(NA)


Cognis Heavy stubber
R A(5) BS/WS(3+) D(3/4) SR(Fusillade) !(P1)
Daedalus Missile Launcher
R A(4) BS/WS(3+) D(4/5) SR(Blast 2) !()
Eradication Beamer
- Focused
A(4) BS/WS(3+) D(5/6) SR(Blast 1, AP2, Rng 6")!() 
- Dissipated
A(4) BS/WS(3+) D(4/5) SR(Blast 3, AP1) !() 
Gatling rocket Launcher
R A(6) BS/WS(3+) D(3/3) SR(Blast 1) !()
Neutron laser
R A(4) BS/WS(3+) D(5/5) SR(Blast 3) !(MW2)
Twin Icarus autocannon
R A(4) BS/WS(3+) D(4/5) SR() !()
Twin Onager Heavy Phosphor Blaser
R A(4) BS/WS(3+) D(5/3) SR(No Cover) !(MW4)
Stompy Feet
M A(3) BS/WS(5+) D(3/4) SR() !()

Too Big to Hide: This model cannot be in conceal order

Emanatus Force Field: This model has a 5+ invulnerable save 

Icarus Array: When making a shooting attack against a model with flying, add 1 to the shooting 
characteristic of weapons from the Icarus array

Heavy Weapons Array: This model may make take the shoot action more than once, but cannot 
shoot the same weapon more than once per activation. Can only
overwatch with Cognis Heavy Stubber

Unique Actions:
Smoke Launcher(1AP): Once per game, until the end of the turning point when a shooting attack is made against this model, treat it as though it where in cover.
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