2021.10.16 23:50 iStephenB Munitio

Hi guys, I just received my Munitio Pro 30s from a Kickstarter after they were originally promised 6 years ago. Still, I'm fairly impressed with the sound. They definitely have more and deeper bass than my Grado BT100s. Has anyone else got a pair and how do they sound compared to "better" or just other headphones?
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2021.10.16 23:50 ShakyMori LSAT Writing Pop-Up

I just finished my LSAT writing sample and all was going well until about 5 minutes remaining when I got a pop up from PSI saying there was a prohibited application open (Windows game bar).
No application ever opened during the writing nor did I ever exit the writing screen. I clicked the “okay” option and it immediately closed the prompt with no further messages.
I’m hoping (and slightly assuming) it’s fine since no application actual opened and that’s quite obvious from the recording but just wanted to ask if anyone else has had similar experiences
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2021.10.16 23:50 daisymydear The Morning After I Killed Myself by Meggie Royer [content warning: suicide]

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2021.10.16 23:50 planbskte11 Does anyone have the PDF for the rabbit decal install? Website is now down.

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2021.10.16 23:50 Maintenance_Trick Idk what to do. Advice needed.

So I have deceived yo come out this year after struggling a for a couple years and I’m stuck wether I should come out to my coworkers or not.
My coworkers and I often joke around at work, through group text as well as hang out out side of work. They are all straight as far as I know and they would assume I’m straight Bc I haven’t given reason to think otherwise. We joke around as most straight guys would, as far as making gay comments or joke about each other. They all mean well and are a great group but I’m afraid that if I come out to them that they’ll start to treat me different or might not joke around as much or maybe they’ll take me serious if I say something.
Idk if I’m crazy or over thinking this. Do my coworkers really need to know my sexually or should I just leave them on a need to know bases and tell them if I start seeing someone.
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2021.10.16 23:50 Romeo_Wolf My internal storage has started being stacked right up to full in a couple minutes within the past couple days. What should I do here?

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2021.10.16 23:50 GonnaTalkAboutJoudy What are some good winter boots?

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2021.10.16 23:50 Cowsie Flat Rate Damage in Dungeons...

Are flat rate boosts not representative? I had 3 +3 base damage loots earlier and it only did nothing according to the stat screen.

It also looked like it did nothing as well, unless I crit.
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2021.10.16 23:50 stonywings93031 Real ambitious aren't we?

Real ambitious aren't we? If there was ever a time to see how a striker fares in goal for a full season, it would be now
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2021.10.16 23:50 _player_0 Interview weirdness after taking a break. Does anyone have ideas on keeping knowledge fresh, and getting one's groove back?

Just needing to vent here.
I'm a software developer and I took a sabbatical this year for several months. I experienced burnout last year and definitely lost focus and the will to keep up with the constant learning that keeps devs sharp.
So I'm back on the job market going for React positions after studying for about two months. The interviews are at times throwing me for a loop. I did two interviews yesterday:
One was with a testing company called imocha. First of all, you're recorded on webcam. Each question is timed and when your time runs out the system kicks you into the next question. There were fill-in-the-blank types. Very few of the questions were about React. There were questions on npm commands, css, html file structure - yes all essential, but nothing that I'd have thought to memorize. I feel like it was a test of minutiae. Then a simple sorting task that I literally bombed.
Next interview consisted of pair programming with the interviewer to write a simple component - something that I had seen and worked on dozens of times. I drew a complete blank.
I sure did need this weekend!
TLDR: Anyone coming off a break and getting back into the programming life have any tips for getting one's mojo back (and staying abreast of the technologies supporting the main tech)?
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2021.10.16 23:50 Melodic-Mud-270 The Owl House Ending

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2021.10.16 23:50 mindfusion89 Help please

Anybody know where I can get a 10oz silver ace of spades bar? ♠️ I am trying to woo my lady ape. 🥈🦍💪
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2021.10.16 23:50 whysoblyatiful I know he'd not eat a carnivore, but you guys get me:

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2021.10.16 23:50 BusssySmasher I need help! (and I have a cool list) [No spoilers]

Basically, only 1 beacon fragment has spawned, and 1 cyclops engine has spawned. I have looked at all spots they can spawn at on the entire map. What should I do?
Also, here is a list of the things that will go down as the most important in human history:

  1. Humans, without us, reality might not have existed, as far as us, humans, know.
  2. 1, it is the most important value, and without it, we would be living in the stone age.
  3. 0, this one was thought of later, but without it, we would not have technology, and probably not calculus as well, meaning that we would not be industrialized.
  4. pi, approximately 3.14159, this value is used for building, programming, other complex mathematics, etc. iron age.
  5. e, approximately 2.71828, without this value, we would have stopped after industrialization.
  6. i, equal to the square root of -1, it is maybe the most important constant in quantum physics, and that speaks for itself, that is basically the future of physics.
  7. c, or the speed of light, defined as 299792458 metres pre second, it is the most important value in relativity, which is also the future of physics.
I would say that it is a tie between i and c, but the rest are all in a good spot. Now please help me with my issue :'(. My issue is so annoying...
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2021.10.16 23:50 BahromTuroni help with the episode.

Guys can you help me find the episode where Shawn dresses up like a Mexican gangster and makes an accent. It was hilarious when I saw that. I forgot the name of that episode.
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2021.10.16 23:50 Slxpz Dead GPU

When i closed Valorant last night my screens went black and my gpu went to 100%. I know it’s dead and my cpu still puts a display up so I also know that my gpu doesn’t show on task manager. Now i’m just wondering what AMD 6k series is worth the money in this gpu great depression.
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2021.10.16 23:50 worm4real Forgot to post this video of me boinking a wolf straight into non-existence in KM.

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2021.10.16 23:50 gotterdammerung222 A year and 2 months NC and I'm yet to find closure. Fed up to the core.

I and this girl "broke up" in August last year after 3 years and half of relationship + 3 years of friendship. I put this on quotes because none of us said "We should break up" or whatever. To explain this properly, our relationship was slowly falling apart months prior to the end. She was avoiding me without telling me why, would leave me on read on purpose and treating me badly. There was a time in March last year where she left me on read for a whole week. I was desperate to know what could possibly have happened to her so I went to her house, on the other fucking side of town, but SHE told her mom to tell me she wasn't home (she ended up telling me this later). I'm telling you I was so pissed of but couldn't hate this girl for a brief second. Anyway, due to covid we didn't see each other until May or something, on her birthday, but things were so messed up between us that I only gave her a present that I bought and went home. No kisses, no hugs, no chat at all. It hurt me badly, but I was playing her game, you know? She kept telling me all the time that she needed space, that she wanted to focus on herself and all the same shit you see on break up stories.
At some point in August I Just gave up of being humiliated every single day by her and her temper tantrums that I threatened her with the following words ~ Either you sit and talk to me about what the fuck is going on between us, or you'll never hear from me again~. She came up with some excuses once again and well, I turned those words into reality. The hardest part of that was the fact that I waited for her. I still had her number so I would see her online multiple times. She changed her profile picture weekly and she seemed very happy, meanwhile I was in the deepest pit possible. Waited 15 days, she didn't come. Waited a month, she didn't come. Then the christmas came, and I was hopeful I would hear from her... but nothing.
I ended up blocking her after new years eve, because I was still clinging to some hope that she would talk to me. But she didn't. Fast forward to now, I still haven't forgotten her. May this year, close to her birthday, I sent her a 15 pages letter hoping that she would reach me, but she didn't. She has no social media and I lost her number, so I have no clue what the fuck is going on with her life now. Although I do realize she didn't give a fuck to me, I still worry about her well being because she probably has some psychological problem going on, either she is bipolar or depressed, but she never searched for help. Lately I saw her mother on the supermarket, but I was too afraid to talk and she didn't recognize me either because I shaved my long hair. Seeing her mother broke me in some ways. It made me really nostalgic of the days where I would spend the weekends with her at her house. Every day I think about her, but I acknowleged this ~her~ I think of is her past ~her~, not the current one. Still, we work in mysterious ways so I just can't help.
I ended up ranting to much on here, but all I want is your advice. I can't deny that I still wait for her sometimes, because I know she has my e-mail, my number and knows where I live. But this is torture. I can't live with this anymore. I can't live inside sweet memories forever, I want to move on, the same way she probably did.
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2021.10.16 23:50 lag3ad0_yt funny dialogue that i encounter in randomizer

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2021.10.16 23:50 Connarrr23 The Cell and Gokua combo gonna hit different

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2021.10.16 23:50 Tmonster0803 what do i do

so im in love with my best friend and have always liked her ever since i met her tf do i do
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2021.10.16 23:50 IzzeCosplays Trans Actor Needed in Student Film?

Yo weird ass question but I'm just asking around everywhere cause I've tried everything but: does anyone know anybody in the Cleveland area that is FTM/Nonbinary, in their 20s, and are post op top surgery that would be interested in being in a student film November 5-7th? Its for one of my production classes this semester for Cleveland State University's Film and Media Art.
At this point I'm willing to compensate out of pocket (not a lot, like $150).
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2021.10.16 23:50 Whiskey_Cigars_Golf Don Pepin Garcia Original (blue) lancero

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2021.10.16 23:50 Dinew00 TFT token farming configuration + rig requirements

I’ve been trying to farm TFT tokens with 8 instances of Bluestacks at the same time, with 7 instances which surrender every 10 minutes and the 8th instance is my main account.
Everything works fine, until one of the instances crashes or the CPU starts throttling after a few cycles.
My rig specs: R5 5600X, RTX 3070, WD SN750 NVMe, 16 GB of Ram.
A appreciate any advice on how to get a more reliable farming set up to farm tokens all night.
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2021.10.16 23:50 Plain_Chacalaca IRA Fees

I opened my IRA with a top brokerage and the SEC-required Customer Relationship Summary identified the following seventeen kinds of possible fees they may charge me:

  1. commissions
  2. transaction fees
  3. sales loads
  4. trading fees
  5. management fees
  6. expenses
  7. 12b-1 fees
  8. maintenance fees
  9. start up fees
  10. infrastructure support
  11. advisory fees
  12. affiliate compensation
  13. incentive fees
  14. markups
  15. markdowns
  16. spreads
  17. wrap fees
I can’t close the account or transfer it to another broker without a penalty presumably since it’s an IRA. But it‘s clear this relationship is not for my benefit.
Are there any rules that would allow me to close the account at no cost since I just received the disclosure?
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