Näh d lungt har redan ätit

2021.09.27 11:47 dicklover6000 Näh d lungt har redan ätit

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2021.09.27 11:47 mitchellmarrker CYCLOPS X CAN’T STOP TWINKLING ✨ (#11 in BNHA X MARVEL series)

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2021.09.27 11:47 mrsomething4 Slommy

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2021.09.27 11:47 Hymandroid All ready... Roll on 1st October!!! (10hr trial done & all foundation SBCs complete)

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2021.09.27 11:47 nabeel527 Hope he gets banned

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2021.09.27 11:47 surveycircle_bot User Acceptance of AlipayHK

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2021.09.27 11:47 Happy_Ad8687 WELL IN THAT CASE

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2021.09.27 11:47 Snidegrime [V LIVE] :)

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2021.09.27 11:47 Intelligent_bro12 ANTEX

In this project for a long time. I like everything. Very interesting and promising project. I am glad that there is such an opportunity to participate in it.$ANTEX #AntEx @AntEx_Offical
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2021.09.27 11:47 LieuVijay The real issue with Wild Rift - Rewards

I am a fan of Wild Rift and I don’t want it to die.
My analysis of all the different MOBAs, across the platforms is that Wild Rift doesn’t force players to play more and enough.
Here are some of the reward mechanics from other MOBAs that I think Wild Rift should adopt.
Players ain’t supposed to be able to just play 1-2 games a day and be done. Make them play Ranked games even when they don’t feel like it. Have a daily mission that involves playing, or even better, winning a Ranked game.
Have some reward for making play with your friends. The current implementation where players are allowed to “reroll” missions, remove it. Players should be made to play with their friends. Peer pressure is the way to gain market share for Wild Rift. Add in “Sharing” for bonus ingame currency too! So people can be rewarded for sharing their cringy 20/0 stomps for that 5 Blue Motes.
Oh. Have another mechanic where the rewards are given every 8/12 hours. So players will think of logging into the game to claim them. FOMO is a good tool for hooking F2Players.
Also, instead of having just one ingame currency, why not have Red Motes or Yellow Motes? And make players tap through 5 different places to gain them. It is about spreading the rewards out, instead of giving that 150 Blue Motes each day in one screen, spread it out! Players that want to get that maximum F2P-ness will be willing to do it anyway, why make it easy?
On every screen that you make them claim a free reward, make sure you add in something to sell too. Be it a skin, a bundle, or whatever.
Give the chance to roll stuff too! And make sure that every free spin you give has a “Spin Another”. And also, make full use of Red Dots or Golden Dots to tell players to see what you want them to see.
Finally, stop giving 2 free champs in 1 single event. It is ridiculous. Whoever that is making decisions like this should be fired (tbh, thank you for allowing me to have a proper champ roster as a long term LoL player without spending a single cent) The last game that is this poorly monetised went out of business. RIP VG.
This game is already dying. Please don’t let it die further. Make the players pay more of their time. Don’t let them just play 1/2 games, be done, and then spend their time enjoying another game. Hook them! Else you are not making full use of the League franchise.
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2021.09.27 11:47 Radiera Norul toxic a acoperit Moldova: Imagini din satelit

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2021.09.27 11:47 WindowsXP2 Not pictured: a small single bed laying on the floor, a pile of empty malt 40s, and the Shame Corner

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2021.09.27 11:47 WEST2209 Is there a point in Formaing more than 9 times? (once for each mod slot)

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2021.09.27 11:47 kymertau а ты сегодня хоть что-нибудь кушал?

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2021.09.27 11:47 backtickbot https://np.reddit.com/r/java/comments/pvdz7a/anyone_benchmarked_jdk_17_on_macos_arm_i_get/hegcd37/

Yes, I was also going to suggest SplittableRandom.
Another way to do it is something like this:

 final double SCALE = RANGE * 0x1.0p-53; for (int i = 0; i < N; i++) { long x = state; x ^= x << 13; // Marsaglia xor-shift generator x ^= x >>> 7; x ^= x << 17; long r = ((state << 11) >>> 11); state = x; candidate[i] = r * SCALE + MIN; } 
This (pseudo)random-number generator is so fast that it almost disappears from the runtime. Of course it's not quite as good as one of the standard generators, but if you don't care about higher-dimensional statistics but need something fast it's just fine.
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2021.09.27 11:47 Razpberries Which one better?

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2021.09.27 11:47 pyrocat605 Pls come back

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2021.09.27 11:47 Silblade222 Encounter at Amon Din - Player Card Review series

Hey folks,
it is right time to come up with the next adventure pack of Against the Shadow cycle, Encounter at Amon Din.
Link: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2021/09/27/player-card-review-encounter-at-amon-din/
Feel free to leave any comment on any player card from this pack. For me, Encounter at Amon Din does not offer too many significant cards for our cardpool. But you could see it from another point of view.
Happy for your support and your comments, really appreciate it.:)
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2021.09.27 11:47 ShortAlgo $KEL Waiting for Short signal

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2021.09.27 11:47 panda-lys Cries and screams before every nap, I am so tired of it

11 weeks old, breastfeeding. Baby cries every time I am trying to put her for a nap. Time that’s it takes for her to finally asleep is 20-30 mins, that time she cries and screams at me, and ofc she wakes up after 30 mins (but I accepted it already after reading tons of posts here).
Once I put her into the crib she immediately screams, once I pick her up she falls asleep..
I use swaddle, noise machine, creating darkness in the room, rocking her. After all this torture she does fell asleep in the crib. I was experimenting with wake windows and following Huckleberry sweet spot, still not a huge help.
I am just exhausted, I want to cry every time I need to put her for a nap, I hate it.
Why is it so difficult??? I am close of giving up on idea of having a second baby, it’s tough.
Once I put her for a night (going through the same shit show), she sleeps well and with one dream feed sleeps until the morning.
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2021.09.27 11:47 trackofalljades Star Trek: Enterprise turns 20 years and here's some facts

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2021.09.27 11:47 MBE4645 Wellington Paranormal (2018) Seasons 1-3

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2021.09.27 11:47 Hugo-Degouzel Classic and gems from early 60's to late 70's. 1200+ songs !

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